Thursday, June 22, 2006

Strange Occurances

Mr. Osakwe,

It is good to hear from you again, my friend. I am as well as can be expected I suppose. We just recently moved camp to a new set of ruins, deeper in the jungle and it has been raining almost non-stop since we got here. The professor and his research partner, Mr. Ward seem very excited about some of the finds they have been making but I must confess I am a little worried. The guides have seemed very nervous these past couple of days, staying very close to camp and talking among themselves. It's possible that they are worried there might be remnants of the Shining Path hiding out in the area but I find that hard to credit because that group was broken up years ago. It's possible that the ruins themselves are the cause. We have found evidence that they might be much older than we originally thought, and I must admit that lately we have been hearing a strange noise, like pipe music but have been unable to find the source.
In spite of the few difficulties we are making good progress and I sincerely hope that my current time frame will not prevent us from doing business.
Please assure your colleagues that once I get back to civilization I will make our project my first priority.
Thank you,