Sunday, January 09, 2005

Hail To The Chief

Things have been a little hectic lately. No doubt you know by now that I was elected President and I have been spending my time with my transition team, putting the finishing touches on my policies for the coming years and finalizing my appointments. Since my administration will be a bastion of inclusiveness and free thinking I am more than willing to appoint just about anyone to any post not currently occupied. If you can give me a good reason (more than one would be even better) then I'll probably give you the cabinet seat or ambassadorship you want.
Here is a list of spots currently occupied:
Chief of Staff: Lisa
Secretary of the Treasury: Leeanna
Secretary of State: Cody
Secretary of the Interrior: Nick (Secretary Nickster)
Secretary of Agriculture: Louis
Secretary of Homeland Security: Jacques
Secretary of Offense: Ted
Secretary of Education: Mom
Secretary of Energy: Josh K.
Comissioner of Spirit: Antonio
**Secretary of Defense: Nate** (Updated!)
Ambasador to the People's Republic of Lower Asscracklyvania: Julio
Ambasador to Cuba: Aaron

It should be noted that the Department of Offense is a completly new department, I have not in fact renamed the Department of Defense I just haven't found anyone who deserves to be in change of that rat's nest. The Department of Offense is in charge of a very specific kind of negative publicity campaign. The secretary of Offense is the person I send to other countries with the sole purpose of making them angry enough that they attack us first.
If you feel the pressing need for a new department in our federal government then let me know. Again it would be good to have more than one reason.