Thursday, February 23, 2006

Stop Bitching And Get On The Bus

If the bus is too far away then give these people some money.

Why? You might ask that. But that would prove you to be sadly ignorant of the current political climate in South Dakota. The South Dakota Legislature advanced a bill that would make it illegal for a woman to have an abortion. This bill is entirely unreasonable, a reflection of that state's current government. The legislators refused to allow an amendment that would put the bill up to a vote by the people of South Dakota. They refused to allow amendments that would allow an abortion in the case of rape or incest. One legislator, sounding like he thought he was being very reasonable, said that they had included provisions for the life of the mother. Not the health of the mother, or the psyche of the mother. The life of the mother.
South Dakota's legislature would like to involve police, prisons and guns in forcing a minor girl who has been raped by a relative to bear a child.
Way to go.