Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Parallels Are Erie

"If he wins in November, he will finally be free to do whatever he wants ... or maybe 'wants' is too strong a word for right now. It conjures up images of Papa Doc, Batista, Somoza; jails full of bewildered 'political prisoners' and the constant cold-sweat fear of jackboots suddenly kicking your door off its hinges at four a.m."

Recognize this quote? It's Hunter S. Thompson. Know who he was talking about?

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Administration and the Drug War

At the end of _Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas_ Hunter S. Thompson mentions that it was getting hard to find good LSD. Where once you could practically get it on any street corner now only a few would provide it and only for certain buyers. He said that in 1971, the era of Nixon, downers were in and halucinogens were out.
In the 80's the drug was cocaine, in the nineties heroin and ecstasy. Did these drugs reflect on their administrations? Perhaps. I'd have to do more reading to find out.
One thing I do know is how true that association rings today. When used over long periods of time meth causes violent paranoia. It's manunfacture often requires theft of basic necessities (guard rails) to raise money for the basic components, or simply theft of the basic components. Manufacture also results in toxic fumes and dangerous chemical waste.
Sounds like the Bush administration to me.